Use Facebook for my business


Facebook is a great tool for your business! not simply because other businesses are using it, but because your customers are. Depending on the nature of your business, your customer's demographic varies and the beauty about Facebook is that is covers pretty much every possible demographic.

Before starting a Facebook campaign, you have to ask yourself: who am I going to target? how can I collect fans? and what content would be valuable for my community?

Your target audience are split in two: your current customers and their friends. With that alone you have a reach effect of millions. So you always start by funneling your current customers to like your Facebook page, and this could be achieved by using the Vbout software. Once you build some followers, you have to update your page with valuable content that communicate your business best with your followers. This could be done trough photos and videos of your store, food, staff, people, etc.. Media always triggers high customer engagement which turns into more impressions across the social graph. This means if i like a photo that your store posted, 400 of my friends will potentially view that photo. You can also try some pop quizes posts for some free prizes, coffee, drinks, etc..

Here are few tips for maintaining a Facebook business page: