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Reasons You Should Use Infographics In Your Blog

Reasons You Should Use Infographics In Your Blog

Reasons You Should Use Infographics In Your Blog


Infographic is one of the most valuable type of content marketing to your visitors. It is not just used to catch the attention of your audience, but also a stimulant factor for search engine optimization, increase visibility and generate leads. Marketers should really think of using infographics in addition to texts and images because of many considerations:

  • Your target market visitors have recently become more interested in visual facts: Most of the information that runs into viewers mind is visual, that’s why you must consider using images, charts, tables, graphs and fonts in order to nurture their thinking and deliver them the information they are looking for. In addition, doing so may allow them to understand what is really going in once they see facts not just reading only text content.
  • Increase brand awareness: It is highly effective to vary your blog content with plain texts as well as infographics so you use visual content as an evidence to catch readers attention after they read your text content and support their views with proven facts and figures. Furthermore, credibility is a must to boost your target audience interest, therefore you should insert your business logo, contact information and email so that way it becomes easier to reach you.
  • Your content gets viral: Visual content marketing receives 94% more views than forming blog content with only text information, according to a study made by MDG advertising. Overall, your content can gain 48% increase in viewership if you include text, images, graphs and tables into one infographic. As a result, you benefit from likes, retweets, shares and other signs of engagement on different social platforms which are the most important factors that help your content go viral.
  • Credibility is guaranteed: The problem with text contents is that they miss facts and numbers, thus viewers might still not certain whether the information they are reading are correct or incorrect. By enriching your blog content with infographics, you are making sure that your visitors are going to stick to your web and converted into loyal customers because you are showing them that you care and deliver them exactly what they need.
  • Infographics is a helpful factor for search engines: Although infographics alone are not enough to rank high in search engines, but it is valuable for social media to boost engagement, and could become an assisting element for SEO if combined with other web elements such as plain texts, photos, videos and testimonials. Even on social media, compelling infographics are likely to be shared by relevant individuals and sources so the possibility of increasing backlinks to your site. In order to be more effective, enrich your infographics with meta title, description to increase the possibility of ranking higher in search engines.

Plain texts are essential for search engines because you need to always feed spiders with content. At  times, it is also important to vary your content marketing strategy to include other forms of content, one of which is  creating infographics into your blog. Your web visitors will get fed up and might abandon your site if you don’t include any variation and support your content with proven facts like figures and charts. These reasons are enough to encourage you to start thinking to use infographics in your blog.

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