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Presto Wine
08 Jan 2016

Presto Wine

Custom E-commerce website for a Supplier of Hand Crafted Boutique Wines. Peronalised design and full stock management with complex sales and commission tracking

07 Jan 2016

Son Deals

E-Commerce content management website with a responsive layout for web and mobile devices.

07 Jan 2016

Hot Girls Pearls

Personalized E-Commerce website. Optimized for web and mobile.

07 Jan 2016

Barcard NYC

E-commerce Website created from Custom design with admin content management. Optimized for web and mobile.

07 Jan 2016


Luxury & Chic European Swimwear E-commerce Website. Custom design with admin content management. Optimized for web and mobile.

07 Jan 2016


Custom E-commerce solution for an online pet product retailer. Great UI with custom retail and wholesale ordering and product management

06 Jan 2016

Netali Nissim

E-commerce website for a high end jewelry designer. Stylish, personalized design, custom e-commerce features and user account management.

14 Aug 2014

The Emporium Ltd

Custom E-commerce solution for a local antique store. Great design with back end order management.

14 Aug 2014


Design conversion for a global and international data center facility. Heavy back end work with complex form management for quote processing. Optimized for web and  mobile.

13 Aug 2014

One Stop Yoga Shop

Custom E-commerce solution for a great startup. Back end order and vendor management, custom order fulfillment and more. Optimized for web and mobile

13 Aug 2014

la Maison de Puppy

Custom e-commerce solution for a local pet clothing designer. Optimized for web and mobile.

30 Mar 2013

Riki Rosetta

Custom E-commerce solution for a fashion designer. Stylish, personalized design, user-friendly, secure checkout, and full stock management.

30 Mar 2013

Wags and Tags

Custom E-commerce website with personalized design, web optimization and a fully manageable back-end administration panel.

Online e-commerce website with back end management and order processing.

30 Mar 2013

Kneewalker Central

Custom e-commerce solution for a medical supply company. Great UI with complete back end order fulfillment and automated  logistical processes.

30 Mar 2013


E-commerce website with custom design and back end order fulfillment. Optimized for web and mobile.

30 Mar 2013

Ferraro Foods

Dynamic website for a large food distributor. Includes a smart live search of thousands of products, interactive map, custom design and secure back-end management.

30 Mar 2013

Bella Napoli

Restaurant website with a user-friendly online ordering system, coupon management, customizable menu and toppings, daily & nightly specials, designed to serve 2 locations. Managed with a simple & secure back-end administration panel.

30 Mar 2013


Online ordering system for a popular local restaurant. Includes photo galleries, dynamic online order, and online menu.

Restaurant website with an easy to use online ordering system.

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