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Parallax design facts and benefits

Parallax design facts and benefits

Parallax design facts and benefits


Parallax came from the Greek word παράλλαξις (parallaxis) meaning, “alteration”. In 1980’s, Parallax websites have been used in classic video games, then later it has become an advanced trend in the web design.

What you should know about parallax design?

Parallax design has been growing in popularity because it offers web viewers a new interactive level of online viewing.
It uses several backgrounds to navigate at different speeds to create a sensation of “3D depth” as you scroll down the page.  The position of an object is never constant; it  rather changes when it’s being watched by two different lines of view; nearby objects have a larger parallax than more distant objects when watched from different positions.
Scrolling feature is used to identify distances; Background images move by the camera at a slower rate than foreground ones.

How parallax design helps your website?

There are many benefits that parallax design creates for web viewers:

  • It directs visitors to call to action
  • It creates curiosity and encouragement
  • It entices visitors with animation
  • It enlarge the duration of stay on the website as viewers are more interested to scroll the whole page
  • It boosts the credibility of the website

How parallax design has grown in popularity?

Parallax Scrolling service has become very popular when “Nike” has launched its web design named “Nike Better world” in the aim to aid the athletes worldwide; the result is that it obtained a significant number of positive reviews from several different sites because of its wonderful parallax scrolling techniques and web design.
There are many different parallax websites that are classified as great parallax scrolling such as G-star raw, Sony, Honda CR-V,Range Rover Victoria Beckham, the house of eyewear collection,Juicymo, etc…
Nowadays, Parallax is one of the most widely-used design on the modern web.

Over to you

  • Emphasize on call to action buttons when directing your visitors to your site
  • Do not overdo your site with parallax design in order not to make it complicated and confuse your visitors
  • Convey a visual message
  • Make it engaging using layering
  • Take into consideration older browsers and mobile browsing

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