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How To Decrease Your Visitors Bounce Rate?

How To Decrease Your Visitors Bounce Rate?

How To Decrease Your Visitors Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an analytic measurement that determines the percentage of visitors who land on one of your website pages but leave that single page without making any further action. Obviously, if the rate is high that means you have a critical problem. Either your customers didn’t find what they were looking for, or they were distracted by the complications that you are showing on your landing page. In order to decrease your visitors bounce rate, you have to follow these essential guidelines:

  1. Keep your content unique: Your landing pages should be characterized with fresh content and unique keywords that stands out from your competitors. Also add a dynamic view to your content and support your ideas with visual content in order to prove to your audience that you are credible. Also write an appealing meta description for search engines. Always keep up with the changing needs of your customers and develop a content accordingly.
  2. Set up an appealing page visibility: Write clear headings and subheadings, a content supported with large fonts, attractive color contrasts, bullet sentences and organized layout where it becomes easier to your customers to navigate around your site, comment on your products and easy to find search.
  3. Maintain good website design: Your website must be adaptable on different devices and fit properly on any screen size so customers would be able to view every page clearly without the need to scroll the mouse to see. In addition, you have to test your site performance on different browsers. One critical factor to focus on is page load time which is the most impressive factor pushing customers to bounce from your page, therefore you should always use little or no self loading multimedia content.
  4. Create clear call to action buttons: One of the biggest problems some marketers do is not paying attention to optimize call to action buttons. For example they use some buttons on a single page which will confuse visitors, placing call to action below the fold, or adopting colors that do not match page or website’s original colors. Call to action buttons should be clear and specific so it has an obvious request of helping users complete their requests.

Key takeaways

  • Write a unique content with visual facts to catch readers attention.
  • Create an adaptable website design to fit all devices.
  • Optimize your call to action buttons.

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