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Color psychology

Colors affect the way consumers think about your website; they play an important role in pushing users to like or dislike your webpage, get to move around several pages within your website or switch to competitors to make a purchase. If you are willing to market new products, consumers consider your website visual appearance as a priority among other factors; therefore there are some criteria you have to take into consideration when designing the right color for your website:

  • Red: Red color is used to impress users and cause them to make a reaction; since this color expresses enthusiasm it’s then effective to catch consumers attention.

  • Green: Green color delivers sense of comfort and health. Websites marketing health and medical products find this color ideal to use to impress their consumers.

  • Blue: Blue color creates to users a feeling of trust and credibility . For example banks could use such a color to show care to their consumers.

  • Yellow: This color is youthful and could be used to grab users attention of some topics.

  • Black: Some marketers find the black suitable to market their valuable and luxury products.

  • Orange: This color is dynamic and energetic and is appropriate to entice consumers to make a call to action.

  • Pink: If your target market is feminine, so you should only think of designing your blog page with such a color. For example, if your products are feminine perfumes you could use either use bright or dark pink to impress your viewers

  • Purple: To some people, purple creates a sensation of creativity and beauty, while  to others it reflects sophistication and some see it as a feminine color. For the most part, you have to define what your consumers really like so use it carefully.

The following image represents the impression that each color has on the consumer purchasing behavior:

Colors impression on consumers purchasing behavior

 Psychology of colors

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