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Best Call To Action Practices

Best Call To Action Practices

Best Call To Action Practices

Optimizing your call to action for landing pages is one of the most important marketing strategies you should consider in order to increase sales and maintain long term conversions. Call to action (CTA) is the link between the message that encourages your visitors to go to the site and the site functionality that pushes them to make a specific action. In this article, I will give youin detail, the best call to action practices that you should take into consideration for lead generation:

First, present a compelling message that entices your visitors to click. For example, create a call to action request that starts with a verb. That way, you are presenting to your customers your main message so they become enthusiastic at the first moment they look at your CTA button. Examples of appealing call to actions are like “Get this free e-book”, “Download the form”. “Sign-in for free”, “Request a quote”, etc…

Second, your CTA request should be designed in a distinctive color that makes it unique from the other colors on your website but compatible at the same time as well. Also, keep it short, straight to the point and convincing.

Third, use a clear and short call to action request that doesn’t create any potential confusion to your visitors. It would be better if you use a short call to action with no more than five words in order not to distract or confuse your web visitors.

The landing page below represents a clear call to action that asks customers to submit a quote request. The call to action button is presented in a comforting color which is the green, plus it is short, clear, concise and starts with a verb.


A landing page with a call to action button



Fourth, provide a sense of urgency by showing your visitors an enticing message that requests them to sign-up as fast as possible. Doing so would urge them to make a further action quickly without giving them any potential chance for being reluctant. For example you can say “Order online now” or “ Get your product today” etc…

Fifth, focus on the location where you should position your call to action on your website. As your main objective is to generate leads, you must place your CTA request at the end of the post in the sidebar in order to increase its exposure in front of your audience.

Finally, place you CTA request above the fold. The most critical aspect is not to bother your customers by forcing them to scroll down the mouse to see your call to action button. The picture below, represents where the call to action button should be positioned.

Call to action above the fold



In summary, call to action button is one of the most impressing factors over your visitors behaviors that entice them to either take an action or abandon your site. As a result, you should implement the best call to action practices in order to make your request look appealing, clear and concise. Therefore, you are most likely to generate leads and increase conversions.

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